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Join a committed group of educators from around the country as we change the paradigm of teaching and learning from test-based instruction to student-centered learning where students become the owners and directors of their education.

Through a combination of workshops and supported planning time, will we consider the following questions as a group while your individual school teams focus on the needs of your particular students and the overall goals of your school or program.

  • What do you want your students to know when they graduate? How do you build your competencies from that basic premise?
  • What kinds of assessments give teachers and students the most accurate information about progress and competence?
  • What does “differentiated” look like in a competency-based classroom?
  • How can we ensure that students are always at the center of our decision-making?
  • How does “trauma-sensitive” become the norm rather than the exception, and how do these practices become the fabric of your culture and climate?
  • How can educators consistently meet students where they are and give them the space, the respect, the supports, and the tools they need to earn a diploma and graduate with a viable plan for the future?

Join us at REAL, become part of a national learning network, and leave with a plan that puts you on the road to implementing competency-based teaching and assessment in your classroom, program, school, or district.

Program cost: $650/person which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and all materials. Breakfast is offered between 8:30am and 9am, daily programming runs from 9am to 4pm.

Daily Schedule
MondayWHAT is trauma-sensitive, competency-based education?
TuesdayWHAT do we teach in a trauma-sensitive, competency-based environment?
WednesdayHOW does being competency-based and trauma-sensitive change our classrooms and our learning environments?
ThursdayHOW do we manage systems in a competency-based, trauma sensitive learning environment?